Drug Diversion Detection & Controlled Substance Compliance

Detect drug diversion, bolster controlled substance compliance, and track medication inventory with Flowlytics, our cloud-based, machine-learning software solution.

Drug Diversion Detection

In healthcare, Flowlytics reconciles transactional data from existing IT systems to detect drug diversion and unsafe clinical practice for all medications, from purchase to patient, using advanced artificial intelligence to achieve over 90% accuracy.

Controlled Substance Compliance

Improve controlled substance compliance across the pharmaceutical supply chain by replacing paper-records with electronic transactions, streamlining compliance reporting, and implementing best practices for agency auditing.

Our machine learning software integrates data from multiple IT systems to provide a comprehensive assessment of diversion risk.

Flowlytics merges Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) data with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other data systems such as Timekeeping, Narcotic Vault, Reverse Distributor, and Wholesaler systems to provide a holistic view of all your drug transactions and enhance safety.

Quick access to information creates greater efficiency in the detection process while the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model supports a speedy implementation.

Uncover diversion quickly with the HEAT™ score that shows the cumulative risk of an individual compared to peers

Display all risky transactions for a single clinician in one  comprehensive location with the Investigation Dashboard

Tailor alerts across the entire supply chain within any venue of care

Reduce false positives and time wasted with consolidated investigation data in an easy-to-use dashboard

Highlight poor work practices like failing to document medication administration

Compare clinician administrations using industry’s only MME (Morphine Milligram Equivalents) analytics

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